About Us

This is our Story

A Symphony of Flavor at Memphis Restaurant & Family Bar

*The Heartbeat of Memphis Restaurant*

In the heart of the vibrant Oxford city, where the soulful rhythm of the blues meets the electrifying beat of Southern hospitality, lies Memphis Restaurant – a haven for food enthusiasts, families, and friends seeking an unforgettable experience.Our story is an ode to the joyous moments shared under our roof, where every dish tells a tale, and every sip is a celebration.

Our Roots Run Deep

Picture this: an old juke joint, walls adorned with memorabilia echoing the history of the legendary Beale Street. As you step inside, the scent of soulful barbecue wafts through the air, welcoming you to a warm and lively atmosphere. At Memphis Restaurant, our roots run deep, intertwining the rich culinary traditions of the South with the pulsating energy of a true family gathering.

Meet the Family

Our team is more than staff – we’re a family dedicated to making your experience exceptional. From the moment you walk in, our chefs craft culinary symphonies, our servers dance through the tables, and our bartenders mix magic into every cocktail. Meet the faces behind the flavors, the heartbeat of Memphis Restaurant.

Flavors That Sing

Take a culinary journey through our menu, where each dish is a note in a melody of flavors. Dive into the smoky allure of our signature barbecue, crafted with love and a secret blend of spices passed down through generations. Savor the tangy kick of our award-winning sauces, each one telling a tale of Memphis’ Restaurant culinary heritage.

Family-Friendly Fun

Memphis Restaurant is not just a place to eat – it’s a destination for the whole family. Our little ones’ menu brings smiles to the faces of our youngest patrons, while the playful ambiance ensures everyone feels at home. From birthday celebrations to family reunions, we’re here to make your special moments unforgettable.

Live Music, Good Vibes

As the sun sets, our stage comes alive with the soulful sounds of live music – a true Memphis Restaurant experience. Feel the rhythm of the blues, the twang of country, and the beat of rock ‘n’ roll as local artists take the stage, creating an atmosphere that will have you tapping your feet and dancing between courses.

Crafted Cocktails & Local Brews

Our bar is a treasure trove of libations, where expert mixologists concoct signature cocktails that perfectly complement the bold flavors of our cuisine. Dive into a sea of local and craft beers, or sip on a classic cocktail with a Memphis Restaurant  twist – every drink is a toast to the vibrant spirit of our city.

Memories Made, Stories Shared

At Memphis Restaurant, every chapter is written by the laughter of friends, the clink of glasses, and the satisfaction of savoring a delicious meal. Join us as we continue to create memories, share stories, and welcome you into the ever-growing narrative of our beloved establishment. Memphis Restaurant is an invitation to be part of our story, where the joy of good food, great company, and the magic of Memphis come together in perfect harmony.

Welcome to our Family.